Strainers must be used wherever it is essential that the fluid flowing through pipe lines be maintained free of foreign solid matter, to assure the correct operation of the solenoid valve.


Serie 1347

Cast body.

Flanges for welding forged in cast steel.

The filtering basket has a stainless steel mesh.

The capacity of retention is for particles greater than 100.

Modular coupling with Jefferson solenoid valves:

  • 1343 Series (all sizes)
  • 1344 Series (connections of 3/4" and 1")

Serie 1359

Gray cast body.

Basket type filtering element with stainless steel double mesh.

Particle retention capacity from 100 microns.

Its design features guarantee 100% filtration of the product.

Flanged cover with drainage connection.

Special bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel constructions.

Low pressure drop.