Haldex Flow Divider

Concentric (formerly Haldex) Rotary Type Flow Dividers

2 and 4 Section Gear Type
1.2 GPM • To 3000 PSI Continuous

Rotary type flow dividers listed on this page have two or four sections with equal displacement. Their purpose is to split the oil from a pump into two or four equal streams for independent operation of several branch circuits from one pump. They may be used either in the pump line ahead of the branch circuit 4-way valves, or may be installed following a 4-way valve for keeping several cylinders in synchronization.

The two (or four) sections are internally keyed to a common shaft and provided with a common inlet and a common drain port but with a separate outlet port for each section. There is no external shaft.

Concentric can furnish rotary flow dividers with three sections or having different displacements in each section giving unequal division of flow.

Model Selection
Choice of straight threads (standard) or NPTF threads (optional). A relief valve is built into each outlet port and adjusted for 750 PSI differential (between sections).

Precautions on Use of Rotary Flow Dividers
Rotary dividers act quite differently than spool-type dividers. They are more efficient when operated in the middle of the recommended flow range, and generate less heat on those applications where branch circuits must operate at different pressure levels, or where each branch remains loaded for a different length of time on each cycle. One branch can be unloaded without generating heat while other branches remain working. When one outlet is unloaded, the torque in that section transfers through the internal shaft to working sections and could cause spiking (pressure intensification) in the working branches. To prevent this, a relief valve should be installed in each section outlet and adjusted to a safe maximum level.

GC Series Flow Dividers

 Sections Ports (SAE)  Relief Valve Displacement in.3 Per Section Model Code
 Inlet Outlet
2 3/4-16 9/16-18 Included .097 FG1110021 1303574
2 3/4-16 3/4-16 Included .129 FG1220021 1300634
2 7/8-14


Included .258 FG1440021 1300635
2 7/8-14 7/8-14 Included .388 FG1770021 1300636
2 7/8-14 7/8-14 Included .517 FG1990021 1300637
4 3/4-16 3/4-16 Included .129 FG3222221 1303139
4 7/8-14 9/16-18 Included .258 FG3444421 1303140
4 7/8-14 3/4-16 Included .388 FG3777721 1303142
4 7/8-14 7/8-14 Included .517 FG3999921 1303143