EVS 3100 Series

Hydac_EVS 3100HSI_Flow Rate Sensor

The EVS 3100 series flow rate sensors are designed to accurately measure the flow-through volume of fluids in hydraulic systems. The unit uses a stainless steel turbine wheel internal to the construction, which converts the media flow into a 4 to 20mA output signal.

The in-line mounting design allows for most accurate and up to date flow measurements.The EVS 3100 also offers two additional hydraulic ports to accommodate additional sensors, ex. temperature and pressure transducers. The design of the flow meter incorporates a lightweight aluminum housing with accurate and stable measuring elements.

The unit uses the Woltmann Turbine principle to measure flow. The fluid enters the housing and passes through straightening blades, which assist in stabilizing the media into a laminar flow. The stainless steel turbine wheel is rotated by the media flow, which then influences the magnetic field of the inductive receiver with the passing of each turbine fin. The inductive receiver is the sensing element of this flow meter. This influence produces a voltage pulse in the receiver, which it then converts into a 4 to 20mA output signal.

This design provides precise data within the entire measurement range of the unit, and is relatively tolerant against minimal, gritty contamination. The meter also allows for exceeding flow of up to 50% of the maximum range for short periods of time.


Technical Details

Housing material - EVS 3100
EVS 3110
Stainless steel
Measurement medium - EVS 3100
EVS 3110
Hydraulic oils*
Water, hydraulic oils*
Supply voltage 10 to 32 V DC
Signal output 4 to 20 mA, 2 conductor
CE mark EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4
Temperature of media -4° to 194°F (-20° to 90°C)
Ambient temperature -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Media - EVS 3100
EVS 3110
hydraulic oil
Permissible viscosity range 1 to 100 cSt
Calibrated at - EVS 3100
EVS 3110
30 cSt
5 cSt
Accuracy class ≤ 2% of the instantaneous value
Measuring ranges / operating pressure
EVS 31X0-1
EVS 31X0-2
EVS 31X0-3
EVS 31X0-5

6 to 60 l/min / 400 bar (1.6 to 15.9 gpm / 5800 psi)
40 to 600 l/min / 315 bar (10.6 to 159 gpm / 4567 psi)
15 to 300 l/min / 400  bar (4 to 79.3 gpm / 5800 psi)
1.2 to 20 l/min / 400 bar (0.26 to 5.28 gpm / 5800 psi)
Electrical connection 4 pole binder plug 714 M18x1
Mechanical connection / torque rating
EVS 31X0-1
EVS 31X0-2
EVS 31X0-3
EVS 31X0-5
EVS 31X0-1-SAE 37
EVS 31X0-2-SAE 37

G 1/2 female thread / approx. 130 Nm
G 1-1/2 female thread / approx. 600 Nm
G 1-1/4 female thread / approx. 500 Nm
G 1/4 female thread / approx. 60 Nm
Available with SAE thread using adapters.
Thread is 37° flare.
Additional connections on housing 2 x G 1/4 female ports for pressure or temperature sensors
*other fluids on request
**other ranges on request