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  • Ideal for independent cooling and filtering of system oils
  • Low to medium pressure applications utilizing screw technology
  • Low noise screw pump
  • Pump flows ranging from 9.5 gpm to 45 gpm
  • Bar and Plate Brazed Aluminum P-BAR core with optional T-Bar core
  • Best heat transfer per given envelope size while minimizing pressure drop
  • Standard SAE ports - NPT and BSPP port adapters available
  • Optional cartridge-style filters with both visual and electrical bypass indicator options
  • Optional temperature sensors


Oil and Gas

  • Oil Lubrication Transfer services


  • Turbine and compressors lubrication
  • Seal oil applications and services
  • Jacking oil systems,
  • Filtration, lube services
  • Oil transfer

Wind Energy

  • High viscosity lubrication and filtration

Gear Box Lube Oil

  • High viscosity lube
  • Air emulsion


  • Fluid Power, HPU (Hydraulic Power Units)
  • Injection moulding machines
  • High and low pressure filtration systems
  • Hydro power
  • Paper industry

Micron Filtration:

Utilize a modern in-line filter housing and cartridge

  • Utilizes a standard cartridge element
  • Filter Options: 10 micron fiberglass, standard; 3, 6, and 25 micron fiberglass, optional; Consult factory for high viscosity fluids
  • ß 1000 filtration efficiency
  • Filtration indicator: Visual; Visual/Electrical; Electrical

Screw Pump Technology:

Offering Significant Maintenance and Performance Advantages. Screw pumps meet the need of having a silent hydraulic component, unique pump design offers the characteristics of a gear pump and the silence of a screw pump.

  • Reliable, high performance, low noise
  • Run without pulsation, providing long life to your application
  • Positive displacement rotary pump with axial flow design
  • Only three moving parts
  • Rolling action eliminates noise and vibration


  • Mounting Feet - Steel
  • Standard Core - Brazed Aluminum Plate and Bar (T-Bar is optional)
  • Tanks - 5052 Aluminum
  • Nose Bar and Little Bar - 3003-H Aluminum
  • Air Fin, Plate, Turbulator and End Plate - 3003-O Aluminum
  • Fanguard and Shroud - Steel
  • Connectors - Aluminum
  • Fan - Aluminum Hub, Plastic Blades
  • Motor - NEMA

Fluid Compatibility:

  • Petroleum
  • Water/ethylene glycol
  • Cutting oils (contact TTP)
  • Water-oil emulsions
  • Water-Ethylene Glycol emulsions
  • Mineral oil HLP and HLVP
  • Ecologic fluids HETG-HEPG-HEE
  • Lubrication high viscosity oils
  • MIL-H, SKYDROL/HFDR phosphate ester*
  • * Standard pump seals are not compatible with phosphate ester. Special pumps with EPDM seals are required. Consult factory for details.


  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 250 PSI (17 BAR)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature - 300° F (150° C) without filter; 230° F (110° C) with filter
  • Maximum Viscosity - P-BAR 150 cst; T-BAR 320 cst

Temperature Sensors:

Thermostat Oil Temperature Sensor

  • Discrete
  • No power required
  • Low cost
  • Mounts in accessory ports

Electronic Oil Temperature Sensor

  • Analog & discrete
  • On board dial set up
  • Multi-channel adjustable

Filter Head Sensors

  • Visual
  • Electrical
  • Combination

Bulb Wells

  • Leak free maintenance