TTP manufactures custom OE engine cooling modules for small gasoline engines to large-horsepower turbo diesel applications. Your choice of a variety of materials and core types (S-BAR, T-BAR, or P-BAR) offers design flexibility for high- performing Radiators, CAC's or Oil cooling. Full system modeling and validation of cooling modules is provided.


T-BAR Extended Tubular Bar - Rugged & Refined

T-BAR™ (tubular micro-channel extrusion) brings you the most refined cooling technology on the market today.

  • Engineered with minimal components in an ideally simplified configuration
  • Unrivaled strength and rigidity to ensure durable performance
  • A flexible design using an extruded flow path
  • A high-performing, cost-effective domestic aluminum solution

With T-BAR technology, our OE-focused Application Engineers are ready to solve the most challenging system requirements for non-standard cooling modules.

Using patented T-BAR technology our engineers design mobile equipment for rigorous performance and design requirements. We can custom-engineer solutions for even the most extreme requirements. T-BAR is the perfect fit for OEMs with low to medium production volume and high variety needs.

T-BAR is manufactured with Alloy 1100 aluminum micro channel and bars in our patented in-house tube-to-bar brazing process using a Nocolok CAB (Controlled Atmosphere Brazing) brazing technology furnace. Because our tubes are a solid extrusion, T-BAR is very robust - with no tube seams to fail and leak.

T-BAR core sizes can range in core height/width from 1 sq.ft. to 6 sq.ft. in various geometries. Core depths can vary from 1.25 inches to 5.5 inches. Cooling capability of these cores can range from 20-550+ HP engines.


  • Superior performance: Aluminum has up to 25 percent higher heat transfer capacity in comparison to a traditional copper/brass cooling package.
  • Rugged structure
  • Resistant to fouling
  • Resistant to salt spray and salt air
  • Compact
  • Flexible mounting
  • and port configuration
  • Flexible core geometries
  • Great dollar value per BTU



P-BAR Plate & Bar - High Volume & Low Variety Applications

P-BAR™ (custom plate & bar) is your best heat-transfer solution for higher volume (qty.) applications, and when competitive costs are key.

  • Custom-engineered engine cooling with remarkable heat rejection
  • High performance for mobile or industrial applications
  • A flexible design
  • A cost-effective LCC aluminum solution

With P-BAR technology, our OE-focused Application engineers design solutions for heavy duty industrial and mobile applications to meet the most challenging requirements. The P-BAR core offers high thermal and fluid dynamic performance with an increased resistance to extreme conditions. Our P-BAR brazed aluminum core construction offers high resistance to mechanical stresses and corrosion. We insure that welded joints between the cooler's components comply to the highest standards. And, because of its modular construction, P-BA R allows dimensional adaptability and flexibility for both fabricated or welded tanks. P-BAR is the perfect fit for high quantity, high powered OEs.

P-Bar heat exchangers are manufactured entirely of aluminum alloys. Our patented in-house brazing process uses aluminum alloys and our modern brazing furnace. The core components are available in a wide variety of types and sizes.

These robust coolers have high working temperatures and operating pressures. Units can be manufactured with any connection type and mounting elements.


  • Superior performance (Aluminum, as up to 25% higher heat transfer capacity in comparison to traditional copper/brass cooling package)
  • Rugged, lightweight, and compact
  • Air-side fin design minimizes fouling and static pressure ensuring long-term, reliable performance
  • Welded Aluminum fittings/ports and manifolds ensure structural integrity
  • Standard ports - SAE , NPT and BS PP ports available
  • No tooling changes required
  • Resistant to salt spray and salt air
  • Great dollar value per BTU
  • Customized units are available to meet your specific performance requirements
  • LCC manufactured 



S-BAR Seam Welded Tube - Rugged & Refined

S-BAR™ is the most affordable, high-flow cooling technology on the market today.

  • A high-strength automotive style core design
  • Durable, multi-row tube to header plate design
  • Engineered for use in applications with higher temperatures and heat loads
  • A lightweight, reliable and cost-effective aluminum solution

S-BAR is a high strength automotive style core design, built with durable multi row tube to header plate design. S-BAR brings you the most af fordable, high flow cooling technology on the market today. Engineered for use in applications with higher temperatures and heat loads. S-BAR is a lightweight, reliable, and cost-effective aluminum solution.

With S-BAR technology, our OE-focused Application Engineers are ready to solve the most challenging system requirements for custom cooling modules.

Using S-BAR technology our engineers design mobile equipment for rigorous performance and design requirements. We can custom-engineer manifold connection requirements to suit the customers need. For higher volume applications, tooled and molded plastic top and bottom tanks can be designed. 

S-BAR is manufactured with a close-tolerance tube that has a longitudinal seam butt-welded by a high frequency (H.F.) welding process. This permanently leak-tight tube, produced in a high speed single pass operation, provides a high burst pressure. Diameters can be held within +/- .002 inches. Tubes can be manufactured from copper, brass, clad aluminum and a variety of other materials.

S-BAR cores are manufactured in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes. Standard widths of 14.87" and 18.18" are available and a range of 8 standard core lengths from 17" up to 26.25". Any custom size core design is tooled to the OE requirement. One and two row cores are available with the capacity of building multiple pass units.


  • Superior performance (Aluminum has up to 25 percent higher heat transfer capacity in comparison to a traditional copper/brass cooling package.)
  • Rugged structure
  • Resistant to fouling
  • Resistant to salt spray and salt air
  • Compact
  • Lower HP Application
  • Domestically & LCC manufactured
  • Great dollar value per BTU