UNS-MS 1/4 NPT-BN30 (Formerly Series BLS 1900)

Barksdale_Level Switch_UNS-MS14NPT-BN Description
Barksdale's single-point float-type level switch provides a variety of solutions for your specific level control problems. UNS-MS 1/4 NPT-BN30 Level Switches are ideal for use in storage tanks, hydraulic power units, lube oil console systems and other general applications for level measurement. This Series features an intermediate size float for applications with more vertical clearance ( 2-9/16" stem length), and is suitable for rugged service and use in high viscosity liquids. Switch polarity on all models can be changed from normally-open to normally-closed by simply rotating the float 180 degrees. For your level switching and control needs requiring only a single float, Barksdale's UNS Series Level Switches are the ideal solution.



  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Ideal for small tanks & vessels
  • Reversible switch logic
  • Broad media compatibility
  • All models incorporate hermetically sealed                           magnetically actuated reed switches


  1. Sump tanks
  2. Hydraulic power units
  3. Storage tanks
  4. Solvent recovery systems
  5. Lube oil console systems


Switch Rating:
250 VAC/DC, 3A. / 100 VA/W
140 VAC/DC, 1A. 60 VA/W
Switch Configuration: Shipped as normally open as standard. Can be changed to normally closed by rotating float 180°
Contact Mode*:
1 - SPST-switch (NO)
2 - SPST-switch (NC)
3 - SPDT-switch
Wetted Parts:
Brass (MS)
NBR foam (BUNA)
1/4" NPT male
Electrical Connection:
PVC-cable - max 3 x 0.34mm²
1m/3m/5m length
Minimum Specific Gravity:
NBR Foam Float:
0.60 g/cm³
Protection Class: IP54
Operating Temperature:
-4° to +220°F (-20° to +100°C) - oil
-4° to +180°F (-20° to +80°C) - water
Operating Pressure:
NBR Foam (BUNA):
220 psig (15 bar)
Weight: Approx. 150 grams (5.3 oz.)

*The contact modes (NO or NC) are defined on the basis of an empty tank and for a level switch mounted through the top.