UNS-MS or VA 1/8 NPT-BN25 (formerly BLS 1700)

Barksdale_Level Switch_UNS-MS Description
Barksdale's single-point float-type level switch provides a variety of solutions for your specific level control problems. Series UNS-MS or VA 1/8 NPT-BN25 Level Switches are ideal for general level measurement in tanks or containers. This series features an intermediate size float. Switch polarity on all models can be changed from normally-open to normally-closed by simply rotating the float 180 degrees. For your level switching and control needs requiring only a single float, Barksdale's UNS Series Level Switches are the ideal solution.



  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Ideal for small tanks & vessels
  • Reversible switch logic
  • Broad media compatibility
  • All models incorporate hermetically-sealed, magnetically actuated reed switches


  • Sump tanks
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Storage tanks
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Lube oil console systems


Switch Rating:
NO/NC: 230 VAC/DC-2A; 40 VA/W
150 VAC/100 VDC; 0.2A, 3VA/W
Switch Configuration: Shipped as Normally Open as standard.  Can be changed to Normally Closed by rotating fl oat 180°.
Contact Mode*:
1 - SPST-switch (NO)
2 - SPST-switch (NC)
3 - SPDT-switch
Wetted Parts:
Brass (MS) or stainless steel (VA)
NBR foam (BUNA)
1/8" NPT male
Electrical Connection: PVC cable max 3 x 0.34mm² 1m/3m/5m in length
Minimum Specific Gravity:
NBR Foam (BUNA) float:
0.57 g/cm³
Protection Class: IP54
Operating Temperature:
-4° to +220°F (-20° to +100°C) - oil
-4° to +180°F (-20° to +80°C) - water
Operating Pressure:
NBR Foame Float (BUNA):
220 psig (15 bar)
Weight: Approx. 40 grams (1.4 oz.)

*The contact modes (NO or NC) are defined on the basis of an empty tank and for a level switch mounted through the top.