Not every system is the same and hence pressure regulators need to be sized and selected to provide an exact solution. The ability for a pressure regulator to provide stable control depends on pressures and flow rates within the system being able to pass through the seating area and cross holes within the valve. Other factors such as temperature, media, and external environment, provide variations that mean 'off the shelf' products may not be acceptable for many systems. Pressure Tech has 10 years experience of working closely with our customers to design unique pressure regulators that provide exact solutions to their needs. Our innovative approach to using special materials such as ceramics, special alloys, and elastomerics, ensures that our objective of becoming a market leader is recognised and accepted in the oil and gas sector by customers throughout the World. Examples of custom solutions are listed below, but we welcome the opportunity to discuss any specific application that requires an engineered product when 'off the shelf' won't do.

Flanged Pressure Regulators

Pressure Tech _Pressure Regulators _Flanged _1

Pressure Tech _Pressure Regulators _Flanged _2

Pressure Tech developed the flanged back pressure regulator opposite for use on Methanol on a chemical injection systems on board an FPSO. The 17-4 PH seating provided positive shut off at 300 bar set point, with flow capacity up to 80 lpm. The regulator body was machined to accept class 2500 RTJ flanges, which were assembled by a coded welder and independently X-rayed before a full customer witness test. The option of flanged connections, and various flange types, can be applied to several of our pressure regulators.


Biased Pressure Regulators

Pressure Tech _Pressure Regulators _Biased _1

Pressure Tech _Pressure Regulators _Biased _2

Various applications require a combination of dome loading and biased spring loading to provide stable control under varying operating conditions. Maintaining a constant differential pressure across a fixed orifice provides a constant flow rate. Pressure Tech have supplied a range of positive and negative biased regulators on pressure reducing and back pressure regulators. Other biased designs include subsea regulators for use on hyperbaric chambers that must maintain a positive pressure within the chamber to prevent implosion as the depth of seawater increases.