Level-Temperature Switch
SLTS Series

Stauff_Level Temp Switch_SLTS

The Stauff Level / Temperature Switches (SLTS- series) are unique in their design and modularity. One of the greatest advantages is the ability of the end-user to adjust the switching level. The internal support wire carrying the level and temperature switches makes it a simple and quick job to change the level switch position. See the drawings on the next page for the max and min level switch points and the total available switching range. This design permits changing the level switch function from Normally Closed (NC) to Normally Open (NO). 12" and 18" stem lengths are standard. Custom lengths are available upon request.


  • Brass Stem, Plastic float
  • Compatible with mineral oils and petroleum based fluids
  • Switches normally closed (NC)
  • Max. operating temp 80°C (176°F)
  • Max. operating voltage 115V
  • Max. current level contact 0.5A
  • Max. current temp contact 2.0A
  • Contact load level contact 10VA
  • Hysterisis 18°F


  • Any combination of three level temperature contacts
  • Easy adjustable switch level
  • Wide range of temperature switches
  • Custom sizes, configuration and materials available upon request


Type L


Stauff_Level Temp Switch_SLTS_Dwg_1


SLTS - 12 12"
SLTS- 18 18"
(457 mm)
SLTS - SL Custom


Type L A


Stauff_Level Temp Switch_SLTS_Dwg_2


SLTS - 12 12.3"
SLTS - 18 18.3"
(464 mm)
(312 mm)
SLTS - SL Custom