Temperature Sensor
PPC-04/12 TS Series

Stauff_Temperature Sensor_PPC_TS Product Description
The PPC-04/12-TS inline temperature sensor measures current temperatures directly in the pipeline and is compatible with the PPC-04/12- SFM flow turbine and the SGV-16S-G straight threaded joint. The new PPC-04/12-TSH rod-type temperature sensor is especially designed to determine the media temperatures in tanks and containers. Both sensors can measure media temperatures without problems up to 257°F (125°C) and are connected to the PPC hydraulic testers by way of a PPC-04/12-CAB3 (10 ft. / 3 m) cable to be ordered separately.



  • Materials
    Housing (TS):  Steel (C15K), galvanized and yellow chromated
    Gaskets (TS):  FKM (Viton)
    Rod (TSH):  Stainless steel 1.4304
    Handle (TSH):  Delrin
  • Weight (TS):  0.22 lbs. (100 g)
    Weight (TSH):  0.26 lbs. (120 g)
  • Measurement medium:  Liquids (in the case of aggressive media, only after consultation)
  • 5-pin connection
  • Connection:  a) STAUFF Test connection
    SGV-16S in the pipeline
    b) Screw-in thread M 10 x 1

Technical Data

Ambient Conditions

  • Media temperature:  Max. 257°F (125°C)
  • Ambient temperature:  -13°F ... 158°F (-25°C ... 70°C)
  • Storage temperature:  -13°F ... 176°F (-25°C ... 80°C)

Measuring Range

  • Measuring range:  -13°F ... 257°F (-25°C ... 125°C)
  • Operating pressure (TS):  9,000 PSI (630 bar)
  • Maximum pressure (TS):  11,600 PSI (800 bar)
  • Burst pressure (TS):  17,400 PSI (1200 bar)
  • Accuracy:  ± 1.5°C

Electrical Data

  • Response time T (TS):  Approx. 13.5 s
  • Response time T (TSH):  Approx. 9.1 s
  • Safety class (TS):  EN 60529 - IP54