External gear motors, series APM212

The essential components of series APM212 external gear motors are an aluminium alloy body and two gearwheels supported by plain bearings.

The front flange can be the SAE standard, or the British or German OEM patterns.

Particular attention has been focussed on the design of the shaft seal, which is often affected by back-pressure


  • High overall efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic compensation
  • Optimum quality/price ratio
  • Customised models can be built for specific applications
  • Low maintenance requirements, even in heavy-duty operating conditions
  • Various components and accessories are available for radial/axial loads, integral anti-cavitation valve, etc.


  • Unidirectional  (model code APM)
  • Reversible (model code APMR)
  • With integral anti-cavitation valve
  • With outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads

Internal Gear Unit QXM

The QXM drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor.

The QXM works as a pump to lift the load and it can recover energy when the load is being lowered.

Used as a bi-directional pump / motor (four-quadrant operation), the unit can control the complete motion cycle of a cylinder.


  • Very low noise levels
  • Negligible pressure pulsations
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for special fluids
  • 4-quadrant (fully bi-directional pump / motor) or 2-quadrant operation is possible
  • Low susceptibility to cavitation


  • Winches
  • Fork lift for high rack facility
  • Lift hydraulics with energy recovering
  • Fork lift trucks with energy recovering
  • Lifting Platforms
  • Drive for roller coasters

Internal-Gear Motor, Series QXM-HS

The QXM-HS (High Speed) internal-gear motor was developed specifically for use at extremely high speeds. Its first-rate efficiency and extremely low noise levels also make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of both energy and anti-noise measures.

Thanks to the special motor flange, adapted for such applications, and the integral ports for auxiliary functions, the motor can be used in many applications without needing any further modification.


  • Particularly suitable for high speeds
  • Very low hydraulic and mechanical losses
  • Can carry high external radial loads
  • Low noise levels
  • Cost-savings in system design, assembly and maintenance


  • Saw-drive motor in forestry harvesters
  • Fan drives in mobile machines

Internal Gear Flow Divider QXT

Series QXT internal flow dividers divide a flow into as many as four portions.

The division ratios are constant and are unaffected by the loads at the actuators.

They can be used, for example, to provide synchronised movement of unequally loaded cylinders. Several hydraulic motors can be driven at the same speed, irrespective of their external loads.


  • High division accuracy
  • A very wide range of division ratios is available
  • The inlet flow can be divided into as many as four portions
  • High efficiency
  • Long service life
  • Also suitable for special fluids


  • Air conditions
  • Track laying machinery
  • Waste compactors
  • Hydraulic presses