TMW Series
1200 to 22 000 Nm

Parker_Torque Motor_TM2

Parker TMW torque motors are innovative direct drive solutions based on brushless technology.

Especially designed for low speed operation, they advantageously replace traditional gearbox based systems in applications such as extruders and injection molding machines, as well as winders, mixers, crushers, presses, etc.



  • High torque at low speed
  • No gearbox
  • High torque density
  • Silent operation
  • Customized mechanical Interface
  • Integrated thrust bearing (option)


Shaft end

  • Solid or hollow shaft with key or keyway, spline profile DIN 5480 and DIN 5463.
  • Customized interfaces available on request


  • Ball bearings
  • Roller bearings (option)

Encoder systems

  • Absolute single turn Endat encoder
  • Resolver

Terminal box orientation

  • At the rear on the top
  • At the rear on the left or right side

Extruder specific features

  • Integrated thrust bearing
  • Screw extraction and cooling mechanisms
  • Customized mechanical interface



Motor type:
Permanent magnets synchronous motors

Magnet material:

Number of poles:
24, 36 or 48

Type of construction:
IMB3, IMB14, IMB34 (EN60034-7)

Shaft heights:
200 mm
315 mm
400 mm

Degree of protection:

Rated voltage:
400 VAC and 480 VAC up to 600 V

Terminal box for power cable, PTC probes and KTY sensors, connector for encoder signals

Insulation of the stator winding:
Class F according to EN 60034-1

Thermal protection:
2 PTC probes and 1 KTY sensor

Temperature range:

-20… +60°C

Vibration severity:
Grade N

Paint finish:

Injection molding machines

Parker_Injection Molding Machine_Dwg Advantages:
  • Up to 30% energy savings: Contrary to hydraulic motors, electrical motors only consume energy when required. They also have better efficiencies.
  • Increased productivity: Thanks to electrical motors, plasticization can be done in parallel with other operations, such as injection, clamping and ejection, which is not feasible with hydraulic solutions.

Advantages :

  • Maintenance savings: No gearbox means no more maintenance associated to it. Furthermore, as a brushless motor, the torque motor itself does not require any maintenance.
  • Energy savings: In high power continuous process applications, the use of torque motors generates significant energy savings thanks to the suppression of mechanical losses of the gearbox.
  • Reduced footprint
  • Simplified installation
  • Silent operation and reduced vibrations