Compact Gerotor Hydraulic Motors

Lamina has been manufacturing quality hydraulic motors and portable hydraulic equipment for over 45 years. Lamina hydraulic motors can be found in many industry sectors

To order specify:
A25F, A37F, A50F, A62F, A100F, A125F

To order specify:
A25FMO, A37FMO, A50FMO, A62FMO, A100FMO, A125FMO

For direct bolt mounting, the motor flange has four thru-holes evenly spaced on a five-hole pattern.The smallest "A" type motor measures only 4-5/8 inches from face of mounting flange to end of motor. Other motors are of similar ultra-compact design.

To order specify:
A25FM, A37FM, A50FM, A62FM, A100FM, A125FM

Shaft Options
(Standard shaft has no ordering suffix.)

Flats on Shafts
(Specify Suffix "-1" or "-2")
Hydraulic motors are available with one or two machined flats on both the long (FM & FMO) and short (F) shaft models.

Tapped Holes on Ends of Shaft
(Specify Suffix "-DT")
Hydraulic motors are also available with 1/4-20 tapped holes on the end of the shaft that are 1-1/8 inches deep. (Drawing not shown.)

Optional Larger Key on Shaft
(Specify Suffix "-K")
Available for long shaft (FM & FMO) motors only.

Note: The above options are stocked items. Any combination of these options will require lead time.

The rotor gear of these low-weight motors rolls through four complete "CYCLES" for each revolution of the output shaft. Thus, four times greater torque at one-fourth of the conventional speed is obtained without the use of gear reducers. In other words, with Lamina Motors the same amount of torque is assured as you would get from a much larger ordinary motor that is considerably more expensive.

Of considerable importance to application design engineers is the smooth rotation and long life of these unique motors. Because the motors have five fluid chambers, the inherent four-to-one ratio provides twenty fluid power cycles for each revolution of the output shaft.

This feature assures a distinct addition: Lamina motors have only three moving parts (motor shaft, spline drive, gerotor star) - this greatly extends the service life.

Within the broad range of each gerotor, any torque or speed can be readily secured. Also the various sizes of gerotors available provide a torque range from 0 to 656 inch-lbs. and R.P.M. ranging from 0 to 2255. High selectivity to exactly meet requirements is inherent in these motors.

recommends parallel circuits versus series circuits, because the back pressure generated cannot exceed 300 psi.

Recommended Oil: MobilĀ® DTE 13 (ISO-32 Hydraulic Oil).