Enerpac’s wide range of electric hydraulic pumps provide durability, high performance and economy. Using the latest metallurgical, bearing and seal technologies to produce a hydraulic electric pump whose features and benefits far surpass the high pressure electric pumps that are available today. The Z-Class hydraulic power units are the market leader in industrial hydraulic pump technology.

Xc -series
XC-Series, Cordless Hydraulic Pump

Performance of a Powered Pump. Portability of a Hand Pump.

  • The cordless hydraulic pump features a lightweight design with integrated handle and carrying strap for portability
  • Bladder reservoir prevents contamination and allows pump usage in any position
  • Powerful 0,37 kW motor and 28 volt Lithium-Ion battery deliver exceptional speed and run time
  • High-strength fiberglass reinforced composite shroud for superior durability in demanding job site environments
  • Cordless hydraulic pump technology eliminates tripping hazards found in other powered pumps
Model Number Output Flow Rate
Valve Function Charger
(in3) No Load 2000 psi 10,000 psi (VAC) (lbs)
60 XC-1201MB 125 30 15
3-way, 2-pos.

120 XC-1202MB
125 30 15 23.75
60 XC-1201ME 125 30 15
3-way, 2-pos.

120 XC-1202ME 125 30 15 23.75
60 XC-1201M* 125 30 15
3-way, 2-pos.

120 XC-1202M* 125 30 15 23.75

* Batteries and charger not included.

View the Enerpac XC-Series Mining Applications Video. View the Enerpac XC-Series Speed Comparison Video.

Pu -series

PU-Series, Hydraulic Economy Electric Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure hydraulic economy electric pump is best suited to power small to medium size cylinders or hydraulic tools.
  • Lightweight and compact design: 11,8 to 18,6 kg
  • Large easy-carry handle for maximum portability
  • Two-speed pump operation reduces cycle times for improved productivity
  • 230 VAC 50/60-cycle universal motor will operate under poor voltage supply
  • 24 VAC remote motor control, 3 m length for operator safety
  • Starts under full load
  • High strength molded shroud, with integral handle, protects electric pump motor from contamination and damage.
Used with
Pressure Rating Output Flow rate Valve Type Weight
(psi) (in3/min)
(gal) 1st stage 2nd stage 1st stage 2nd stage (lbs)
Single-acting .50 PUD-1100B 200 10,000 200 20 Dump ** 26
1.00 PUD-1101B 200 10,000 200 20 Dump ** 35
.50 PUD-1300B 200 10,000 200 20 Dump and Hold 26
1.00 PUD-1301B 200 10,000 200 20 Dump and Hold 35
.50 PUJ-1200B 200 10,000 200 20 3-way, 2-pos. 24
1.00 PUJ-1201B
200 10,000 200 20 3-way, 2-pos. 31
Double-acting .50 PUJ-1400B 200 10,000 200 20 4-way, 3-pos. 29
1.00 PUJ-1401B 200 10,000 200 20 4-way, 3-pos. 36

* For 230 volt applications replace “B” suffix with “E”.
** Electric dump valve for auto-retract of cylinders.


BP-Series, Battery Powered Hydraulic Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure, battery powered hydraulic pump has a lightweight, compact design with integrated handle for maximum portability
  • Dual power selection and variable speed for preferred flow and precise control
  • With manual 3/2 valve (advance/retract) for use with single-acting cylinders and tools
  • Heavy-duty 28 volt Lithium-Ion battery pack delivers constant fade-free power
  • Immediate charging after use — a quick one hour charge
  • Pump model includes two 3,0 Ampères-hour battery packs and quick charger.
Pe _series

PE-Series, Hydraulic Submerged Electric Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure hydraulic submerged electric pump is best suited to power small to medium size cylinders, hydraulic tools or whatever a quiet, intermittent duty cycle is needed.
  • Two-speed pump operation reduces cycle times for improved productivity
  • Powerful 0,37 kW induction motor is submerged in the oil reservoir to run cooler, protect the motor, simplify the pump interface, save space and reduce noise
  • Large 5,5 litres reservoir allows operation of a wide range of cylinders
  • 24 VDC remote pendant control on certain models for safer operation
  • Externally adjustable relief valve allows control of operating pressure without opening the pump
  • 40-micron internal return line filter keeps oil clean, promoting longer pump life
  • Full length side tube for easy monitoring of oil level.
Tq -700E

TQ-700E, Lightweight Electric Torque Wrench Pump

  • Optimized flow technology – three stage pump maximizes productivity of the pump and tool while minimizing heat build-up and down time
  • A quiet (<85 dBA), lightweight pump with a compact footprint – easy to move around and through the work site
  • Durable roll cage with an ergonomically sized handle and shielded gauge – a pump that is easy to put into position and safe from on site operational hazards
  • Maintenance made simple with a brushless motor designed for continuous usage
  • Straightforward operation with a simple pressure set and convenient to use 6 m pendant control – immediate productivity for crews operating the pump
  • IP55 Rating for Superior Dust and Water Protection
  • Transparent gauge overlays in Nm and Ft.lbs for all Enerpac S and W-Series torque wrenches provide a quick torque reference
Zu 4-series

ZU4-Series, Hydraulic Portable Electric Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure ZU4 series electric pumps feature Z-Class high-efficiency hydraulic pump design; higher oil flow and bypass pressure, cooler running and requires 18% less current draw than comparable pumps
  • Powerful 1,25 kW universal electric motor provides high power-to-weight ratio and excellent low-voltage operating characteristics
  • High-strength, moulded composite shroud protects electric pump motor and electronics, while providing an ergonomic, non-conductive handle for easy portability.

Pro-Series models only
* Back-lit LCD readout provides pressure display and a number of
diagnostics and readout capabilities never offered on a portable
pump before
– pump usage information, hour and cycle counts
– self-test, diagnostic and read-out capabilities
– pressure readout and auto-mode pressure settings.

Ze -series

ZE-Series, Hydraulic Electric Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure electric pumps feature high-efficiency pump design – higher oil flow and by-pass pressure
  • High-strength, moulded electrical box protects electronics, power supplies and LCD readout and stands up to harsh industrial environments
  • IP54 protection and isolation class
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled industrial electric motors for extended life
  • User adjustable relief valve built-in on manual and solenoid valves. Oil ports on valves are 3/8" NPTF
  • Steel fan guard on all electric motors
  • Full sight oil level glass
  • 40 micron filter breather with splash guard
  • Durable steel reservoirs.
  • Back-lit LCD provides self test, diagnostic and read-out capabilities never before offered on an industrial pump (included on pump with electric valves, optional on other electric pump models)
Zutp -series

ZUTP-Series, Hydraulic Electric Tensioning Pumps

  • Enerpac’s ZUTP ultra high pressure hydraulic electric tensioning pump features a two-stage pump design providing high flow at low pressure for fast system fills and controlled flow at high pressure for safe and accurate operation
  • Z-Class high-efficiency pump design runs cooler and requires less current draw which is especially helpful in remote locations
  • 6 m pendant cord enables motor control from a distance
  • Angled 153 mm pressure gauge, with polycarbonate cover, built into a protective metal shroud for improved visibility and protection
  • Safety relief valve limits output pressure
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged aluminium frame for increased durability and ease of handling.
Pp -series

PP-8000 and 9000-Series, Industrial Electric Pumps

  • The 8000 and 9000 series high pressure hydraulic electric pump is built for industrial strength
  • The largest hydraulic power unit in the Enerpac line and the best choice to power most large size cylinders, multiple cylinder circuits, and applications where the need for high speed requires high flow rates.
  • Single-speed operation with two and four independent split-flow outlets
  • Two-speed electric pump operation with one high-flow outlet
  • Oil delivery of each outlet remains equal regardless of pressure
  • 60 litres usable oil capacity allows operation of a wide range of cylinders
  • Powerful 4 and 9,5 kW motor, available in three voltage options

Available in: All States