Pump Technology for Demanding Automotive Applications

Often used in hydraulic power steering units and automatic transmissions, Rexroth has made major investments in refining vane pump technology to meet the demanding requirements of the global automotive industry.

The vanes are in slots in the rotor. When the rotor spins, centrifugal force pushes the vanes out to touch the casing, where they trap and propel fluid. Sometimes springs also push the vanes outward. When the vanes reach the return side they are pushed back into the rotor by the casing. Fluid escapes through a channel or groove cut into the casing. Vane pumps can be designed in balanced configurations where there are two inlet and two outlet ports, similar to balanced gear pumps.


Model PVV, PVQ Vane Pumps
Fixed Displacement operations

Key features:

  • Sizes 18 to 193
  • Low operating noise
  • Low flow pulsation
  • Suitable for wide speed and viscosity ranges
  • Combination of several pumps possible
  • Can be combined with axial piston pumps and internal gear pumps



Model PVC Vane Pump
Subplate and Flange Mounted operation




Model PV7 Vane Pump
Variable displacement, pilot operated

Key features:

  • Sizes 14 to 150
  • Variable displacement
  • Low operating noise
  • Pressure and flow can be controlled
  • Controller actuator can optionally be locked
  • Low hysteresis
  • Very short control times
  • Pump combination possible with standard pumps
  • Mounting and connection dimensions according to VDMA 24 560/1 and ISO 3019/2



Model PV7...A Vane Pump
Direct Operated, adjustable displacement volume

Key features:

  • Sizes 10 to 25
  • Very short control times
  • Low operating noise
  • Lower zero stroke power
  • Mounting and connection dimensions according to VDMA 24 560/1 and ISO 3019/2
  • Good efficiency
  • Pump combination possible



VPV Whisper™ Vane Pump

Key features:

  • Sizes 10 to 164, Pressure to 3,000 PSI
  • Flows from 7.6 gpm to 75.8 gpm in single pumps
  • Available in combination with other VPV pumps and Rexroth gear pumps
  • Through-drive horsepower transfer is 100% to the second pump
  • VPV pumps are available with through shaft versions for quick combinations
  • Pressures to 3,000 psi
  • Continuous speeds from 1,000 to 1,800 rpm
  • Overall efficiencies to 89%
  • A variety of fluids can be used: mineral oil, water glycol, phosphate ester and environmentally friendly fluids
  • Controls include standard pressure compensation, remote pressure compensation, load sense, solenoid 2-pressure, and solenoid vented