Tube Fittings and Adapters


O-Ring Face Seal Fittings


Double-Ferrule Tube Stainless


Double-Ferrule Tube Brass

TubeFittingsandAdapters140.jpg   ORingFaceSEal140.jpg   DoubleFerrule140.jpg   DoubleFerruleBrass.jpg

  Flange Fittings and Accessories


  Metric Bite Type


  Push-To-Connect: PCDT Fittings


  Push-To-Connect: PCNB Fittings

Flanges140.jpg   MetricBiteType140.jpg   pcdt.jpg   pcnb.jpg

  Brass Fittings


  Test Point Fittings


  Conversion Adapters


Flare-O Fittings

BRASS_TYPE.jpg   TestPoints140.jpg   International140.jpg   FlareO140.jpg

Push-To-Connect: PCNY Fittings


Push-to-Connect: PCDT-B Fittings


Flareless Bite Type Fittings


Live Swivels

pcny.jpg   PCDT-b.jpg   FlarelessBiteType140.jpg   SWIVELS_TYPE.jpg



O-Rings and Seals


Valves - Instrumentation

clamps.jpg   O-Rings.jpg   InstValves_TYPE.jpg