BSF, Inc. was started in 1975 by the three "Bobs":  Bob  Bull Bob  Swihart, and Bob  Farrier, thus the name B.S.F.In the early years, BSF primarily designed and produced fabricated STEEL Pump/Motor Adaptors. By listening to our customers' needs through the years, our product line has expanded to unlimited proportions. BSF is now able to mate almost any flange-to-flange application with numerous configurations, styles, and options. BSF has also developed a very good relationship with well known coupling manufacturers such as Magnaloy, Lovejoy, Hayes and KTR and distributes these couplings as part of our extensive product line.

Bolt-on Base Adaptor Assemblies


Cast Aluminum Adaptor


C-Face Adaptors

adapt_bolt_on copy.png   adapt_cast_al copy.png   adapt_cface copy.png

Gas Engine Adaptors


IEC (METRIC) Adaptors


Vertical Mount Adaptors

adapt_gas_engine copy.png   adapt_iec copy.png   adapt_vert copy.png

Lovejoy Jaw Type Couplings


Cast Aluminum Foot Mount Brackets


Steel Angle Foot Mounts

lovejoy_large copy.png   foot_cast_al copy.png   foot_steel_angle copy.png

Welded Steel Foot Mounts


Hayes® Original Coupling


Hayes® HEX-FLX Coupling

foot_weld_steel copy.png   original_flywheel_large copy.png   hex-flx_large copy.png

Adaptor Plates


BOWEX®  Shaft Coupling by KTR


Magnaloy Shaft Coupling

adaptor_plates copy.png   shaft_coup_bowex copy.png   shaft_coup_mag copy.png

ROTEX® Shaft Coupling by KTR


Shaft Extensions


Sound Reduction Adaptor

shaft_coup_rotex copy.png   shaft_extensions copy.png   snd_red_adapt copy.png

Sound Reduction Isolation Mount


Sound Supressor


snd_red_iso_mnt copy.png


snd_sup copy.png