Model 1300382. Consists of 12 VDC electric motor, hydraulic pump with .129 c.i.r., relief valve, and solenoid starter. Has no hydraulic reservoir. Series wound, heavy duty electric motor with ball bearing construction. Needle bearing gear pump, close mounted on motor end bell.

A check valve and an adjustable relief valve is contained in the pump housing. This pump allows for lift, hold and lower circuits.

Motor starting circuit mounted on side of motor permits the starting and stopping of the pump from another location with a push-button or toggle switch.

Size: 10¾˝ long x 4½˝ high. Ports are straight threaded 3/4-18 inlet, 9/16-18 outlet. Weight: 24 lbs.

Model 1300383. Same as above except with a larger, .194 c.i.r. to give a higher flow for greater cylinder speed but with lower hydraulic pressure for the same battery amperage.

DC Motor



1300382 1300383
3.1 250 85 4.1 250 92
2.5 500 100 3.1 500 125
2.0 1000 125 2.6 1000 175
1.4 2000 200 1.7 2000 260
1.0 3000 260 --- 3000 ---
See Haldex DC Motor/Pump Capabilities Guide for more motor, voltage and pump combinations.


2201136 Base Motor

Concentric _Performance Curve _Pump & Motor


Thermal Curve_S2_S3

Motor & Accessories

Description Stock P/N
24 VDC double terminal, heavy duty motor) 2201136
(24 VDC heavy duty 4-pole start switch) 1300942


Pump Selection

Any one of these pumps can be used with the motor and accessories on the left. Reference Haldex W900 Series Hydraulic Pumps catalog for a complete list of model code options.

Description Stock P/N
WP09A1B060L03FA101N (6 cc) 1303210
WP09A1B080L03FA102N (8 cc) 1303212
WP09A1B100L03FA102N (10 cc) 1303214
WP09A1B110L03FA102N (11 cc) 1303216


Schematic_DC Motor Pump


Available in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, N.W. Florida, S. Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, W. North Dakota, Oklahoma, W. South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming