Produces planetary winches for commercial fishing boats, caisson drilling equipment, pipe layers, tractor/skidders and dredges.

equal speed winch.jpg

Equal Speed Winches/Hoists

With twelve basic models providing line pull capacities from 1,100 to 80,000 lb., the PL and M series product are ideal for a wide range of applications or special operations.


Free Fall Winches/Hoists

Pullmaster offers several models equipped with emergency freefall, controlled freefall and a combination emergency/controlled freefall function.

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Gearing Accessories

Pullmaster makes a variety of accessories including wetdeck and recovery packages.

planetary drive.jpg

Planetary Drives

Providing output torques of 50,000 and 136,000 in. lb., Pullmaster planematic drives are available in both equal speed and rapid reverse models to satisfy a multitude of operations.

rapid reverse winch.jpg

Rapid Reverse Winches/Hoists

Available in the H and HL series, this category provides reversing speeds approximately 4½ times faster than forward speed. Excellent for a variety of uses including fishing, dredging and marine applications.

recovery winch.jpg

Recovery Winches/Hoists

Delivered standard with the free spool feature, R series winches are perfect for mobile pulling operations.