Integrated Manifolds

Cost Effective Solutions for Mobile and Industrial Applications

  • Simplifies system procurement processing and reduces acquisition costs.
  • Consolidates hydraulic control system into compact and neat assembly, saving space and weight
  • Aluminum, steel or ductile iron manifold blocks
  • 100% function testing
  • Reduced installation time and system maintenance
  • Minimizes external connections
  • Reduces external leakage

Combining multiple cartridge valves and other hydraulic components in Integrated Manifolds offer both mobile and industrial customers' substantial advantages:

  • Incorporating cartridge valves and other HYDAC's hydraulic components into Integrated manifolds provides a single source and simplifies system procurement processing, thus reducing acquisition cost.
  • Complete system manifolds provide for compact and neat assembly, saving space and weight. They are designed to meet the performance and installation needs of the specific machine. By eliminating hoses, tubes and fittings necessary when traditional hydraulic valves are used, manifold systems dramatically reduce installation costs and system maintenance.
  • Complete control system in a single manifold reduces potential for external leakage to ensure a cleaner and safer application environment.
  • All aluminum manifolds are anodized for cleanliness, added surface hardening, and corrosion resistance. Ductile iron or steel manifolds are zinc plated on customer's requirements.
  • A customer/product specific assembly drawing is prepared for every manifold.
  • Every manifold is hydraulic function tested to a specific test procedure.
  • HYDAC will assemble customer specified fittings or other components on request where feasible.

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