HYDAC line bodies provide a cost effective method for compact, easy installation of any HYDAC cartridge. Using authentic HYDAC bodies - with each cavity and port machined to our own exacting standards - ensures safe, high-performance function of cartridge valves plumbed "in-line."

Standard line bodies are available for each cavity size in both clear anodized aluminum (3500 psi max. pressure) or clear zinc-plated steel (6000 psi max. pressure) are offered with SAE O-ring boss ports. When ordering alternate port configurations, please contact the factory for pricing and availability information.

Line Bodies

As important as the performance of the valve itself is the proper installation of the cartridge into a correctly made manifold or body. HYDAC's full range of cartridge valves can be used in custom manifold applications, or for in-line installation via our selection of cartridge line bodies. These next few pages provide the detail required for designers, machine shops or users to create successful HYDAC cartridge valve installations. Whether using form tools to make a custom manifold, or quickly plumbing a valve and line body assembly, the HYDAC cartridge cavity system enables versatile and reliable valve applications. Performance and dimensional information for a specific valve can be found on individual cartridge data sheets.

Cavity drawings are provided as a tool for HYDAC customers who desire to produce their own custom manifolds. Manufacturing to the drawings enclosed ensures correct cavity fit and proper cartridge function at maximum performance limits.

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