Model 2FRM6 & 2FRM10

Size 6 & 10 4600 PSI 42.5 GPM

  • Pressure compensated flow control valve
  • Pressure compensator to reduce actuator lunge at start
  • Sharp-edged orifice for temperature/ viscosity immunity
  • High resolution scale for accurate flow settings and frequent adjustment reference
  • Optional built-in reverse free flow check valve
  • Optional lockable hand-knob adjustment with keys
Rexroth_Flow Control Valve_2FRM10

General Description
Pressure compensated flow control valves Model 2FRM6 and 2FRM10 are 2-way restrictive style flow regulators. They accurately control flow independent of changes in fluid viscosity or pressure drop across the valve. They will accurately maintain a constant actuator speed independent of changes in load induced pressure.

View the Bosch Rexroth 2FRM6 2-Way Flow Control Valves Data Sheet (RE 28163).

View the Bosch Rexroth 2FRM10 2-Way Flow Control Valves> Data Sheet (RE 28389).