Flow Control Valves

Valve _Flow Control

Flairline's industry standard flow control valves incorporates the unique O-Check dilating O-ring design for rapid open/close without any other moving parts. This is a unique feature that allows free flow in one direction, accurately metered flow in the opposite direction. The right angle design eliminates additional 90° piping to the cylinder port. Standard metering needle design includes compound needle taper of 5 and 15 degrees and fine adjustment stem threads. Five NPT sizes 1/8˝ - 3/4˝ are available as are adjustment knobs and panel mounting. Optional swivel mounts allow 360° rotation for ease of installation.


  • Full range from 1/8˝ to 3/4˝
  • O-Check dilating ring only moving part
  • Flow control cycles 50 million plus times without discernable wear
  • Accurate pressure adjustment and secure panel mountin

Check Valves

Valve _Check

Flairline's lightweight check valves feature a dilating O-ring as the only moving part. This allows quick actuation and millions of trouble free cycles. Five standard NPT sizes from 1/8˝ - 3/4˝ are available, including high temperature material. The O-Check design is the industry standard for high flow, no maintenance, and long useful life.


  • Full range from 1/8˝ to 3/4˝
  • Low cracking pressure
  • Free flow and millions of cycles
  • High temperature material available