Quick Ship Products Focused Delivery Program

FRLs Quick Ship NL-C (Combi) Air Preparation Products
The Combi line consists of combination air preparation units, each providing filtration, regulation and lubrication of compressed air. Two sizes are available, with NPTF ports ranging from 1/4" through 3/4". The polycarbonate bowl - with metal bowl guard as standard - is compartmentalized, with a condensate reservoir section and separate lubricant reservoir section. A semi-automatic drain (which opens automatically upon depressurization) with manual release function and hose barb connection at the drain stem are standard.

Product Features:

  • All-in-one FRL design
  • Includes gauge, mounting bracket and metal bowl guard
  • Transparent polycarbonate bowl for ease of monitoring the levels of condensate and lubricant in the bowl
  • Rugged die-cast zinc construction

Note: Not all NL-C (Combi) devices are on Quick Ship, see table below for complete list of part numbers included.

Aventics - Quick Ship

Series NL-C (Combi) Air Preparation

Part Number Description Max.Order Qty. Shipment (Days)
R412010824 Size "A" Combi with 1/4" NPTF Ports (replaces 0821300054) 5 1
R412010825 Size "A" Combi with 3/8" NPTF Ports (replaces 0821300055) 5 1
R412010826 Size "B" Combi with 1/2" NPTF Ports (replaces 0821300064) 5 1
R412010827 Size "B" Combi with 3/4" NPTF Ports (replaces 0821300065) 5 1