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Pressure Switches

Quick Ship PE5 Pressure Switches

The Series PE5 piezoresistive pressure sensor unit with analog and or digital outputs can be mounted to NL1, AS2, AS3 or AS5 distribution blocks or used stand-alone. They can measure PSI, bar, kPa, or inHg. Pressure, vacuum and transducer variants are available.

Product features:

  • Single M12 connection for power and outputs
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD
  • Integrated DIN rail clip
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Works well in either harsh or clean environments
  • Accessories: M12 electrical connector, wall mount bracket, fittings

Model Codes and Descriptions for Quick Ship Program:

  • Series: PE5 = Pressure switch, electronic
  • Output:
    • PN = 2 x PNP or NPN (user-selectable)
    • A1 = 1 x PNP or NPN + 1 x analog
  • Ports:
    • DA04 = 4mm (5/32”) push-in fitting
    • G014 = G1/4 (BSPP)
  • Min. pressure sensed:
    • 000 = 0 bar, 0 psi
    • V10 = -1 bar/-14.5 psi
  • Max. pressure sensed:
    • 000 = 0 bar, 0 psi
    • 100 = 10 bar, 145 psi
  • Connection: M012 = M12 connection, 4 pin
  • Model Code Example: PE5-PN-G014-000-100-M12

Note: Not all PE5's are on Quick Ship, see table below for complete list of part numbers included.


Series PE5 Pressure Switches

Part Number Description Max.Order Qty. Shipment (Days)
R412010767 PE5-PN-G014-100-M12 switch, 2x PNP or NPN outputs, 1/4 BSPP 
R412010773 PE5-A1-G014-000-100-M012 switch, 1x analog + 1x PNP or NPT output 1/4 BSPP  2

Series PE5 Pressure Switch Accessories

Part Number Description Max.Order Qty. Shipment (Days)
R412010016  Double nipple, G1/4 to G1/4, 2/pack(order in multiples of 2) 
1834484257  PE5 elec. connector, M12 4-pin straight, 5m cable with flying leads