Quick Ship Products Focused Delivery Program

AVENTICS offers an extensive line of Vacuum Products. We are pleased to add an introductory selection of these products to our Quick Ship product offering. Product families represented include the EBS line of vacuum ejectors for decentralized vacuum applications powered by compressed air and the FSR line of vacuum cups for general vacuum-based product handling applications.
Product Features:

  • EBS: Lightweight compact vacuum ejectors with push-to-connect fittings for a variety of applications
  • FSR: Versatile, flexible flat vacuum cup for use with level or curved surfaces of varying roughness

Note: Not all Vacuum products are on Quick Ship, see table below for complete list of part numbers included.

Aventics -Quick Ship

Vacuum Products

Part Number Description Max.Order Qty. Shipment (Days)
R412007452  EBS T-Form Vacuum Ejector 6mm ø supply, 8mm ø vacuum 
7321000000  FSR vacuum cup, 100mm diameter, G3/8 female thread connection 
7320301000  FSR vacuum cup, 30mm diameter, M5 female thread connection  1
7320751000  FSR vacuum cup, 75mm diameter, G1/4 female thread connection  1