Rotary Actuators, Valve Actuators and Pneumatic Rotary Actuators from Compact Automation

Rotary actuators perform the same function as linear actuators while utilizing a different motion. Instead of providing motion over a single axis, rotary actuators use rotation through a fixed arc. As a result, rotary actuators offer benefits such as the ability to operate in limited space and the production of instant torque in either direction. Compact Automation offers OEM rotary actuators as well as VAL-U-ACT and TURN-DEX rotary actuators and more including valve actuators and pneumatic rotary actuators.


OEM Rotary Actuators

Rotary Vane Pneumatic Actuators


• Torque output of 16 to 1000 Inch Pounds
• Adjustable Rotations 
• Reed and Hall effect switches 
• Only one moving part 
• Non Lube service 
• Low cost solution



Val-U-Act Cylinders


  • Heavy Duty Double Acting Ball Valve Systems
  • Valve sizes from ¼" to 3"
  • 140 in.lbs to 800 in.lbs
  • Spring Return Valve operators
  • Single acting with spring close or open
  • Valve Operator Systems

Spring Return operators are formed by bolting a spring return unit to a double acting Val-U-Act operator. The return movement is effected by a clock-type spring which is pretensioned to about half the operator torque. The amount of pretention is large, compared to the rotation and therefore the torque does not vary more than 20% over the rotation.

Spring returns are factory-installed and adjusted. The spring returns have a worm drive adjustment for setting or changing spring pretension. By inserting a socket key into one end of the worm the spring pretension can be very easily increased or decreased to suit operating conditions. To increase pretension, turn the worm clockwise; to decrease, turn counterclockwise.




Turn-Dex is a rotary actuator with an internal unidirectional clutch. The output shaft rotates in one direction only and remains at end of stroke while the actuator is reversed. Turn-Dex is available in two series: the Comp-Act, incorporating the Comp-Act actuator and the Turn-Act, incorporating the Turn-Act actuator. 

Applications Include:

  • Turntable Work Stations
  • Drive Conveyor Rollers or Belts
  • Drive Material Feed Rollers
  • Ratchet Type Drive
  • Sheet Feed Material From a Stack
  • Perstalsis Pump Drive
  • Low Speed High Torque Motor
  • Product Mixing

Application Considerations:

Overrun: The output shaft can be manually rotated only in its drive direction. Large loads may coast after the actuator has  stopped. The output shaft cannot be reverse rotated- Forcing it backwards could damage the Turn-Dex.

Accurate & Repeatabte Positioning: Due to the overrun nature of the clutch external stops, brakes, ro«er and detents or shot-pins is required for accurate and repeatable positioning.

Special Options: Turn-Act will provide customized units to fit your specific application needs. Modifications include special  shafting, special mounts, dutch housings with shot-pin cylinders, disc brakes and thrust protection. Contact your Womack Representative for more information: (800) 569-9800