Work Holding Products

Workholding cylinders function to secure materials or parts that require work to be performed on them such as machining and processing. There are many different types of work holding products including pneumatic grippers, intensifiers, twist cylinders, collet closers and pin-act cylinders. Each of these products offer particular advantages for specific applications, and are often utilized in the industrial automation, medical, electronics industries and more.

Pneumatic Grippers

Pneumatically operated Compact Grippers are offered in sizes ranging from ½" to 8" bores.Angular and parallel Jaw grippers are simple durable devices for industrial automation. Generic jaws are easily tooled for specific workholding applications. Com-Pick and Com-Pick 2 grippers are designed for use in industrial applications such as robotics, pick-n-place, automated assembly, and manipulating/tooling. All units feature a self-contained double acting compact air cylinder actuator. Generic grippers can be mounted to any manufacturer's robot, manipulator, or actuator by way of an adaptor flange. Low unit weight high output and compact size are features of all models. Special materials, tooling and adaptor flanges are available upon request. Compact Automation Products stocks all units in component form. Seal options, jaw options, sensor options, etc., can be easily added at assembly for prompt delivery of all variations.


Parallel Grippers

Parallel motion grippers represent a highly versatile and flexible design. The integral pneumatic cylinder pushes the jaws open. The jaws slide along two hardened guide rods providing rigid, long lasting true parallel motion.

The pull stroke closes the jaws. A four-way valve circuit is required for control. All units are of two jaw design


Angular Motion Parallel Grippers

Angular motion grippers represent the lowest cost design. The air cylinder is an integral component of the overall gripper length. The piston actuator pushes the cam, or yoke, forward, rocking/pivoting the jaws open.

The pull stroke closes the jaws. A four way valve circuit is required for control. Both two and three jaw designs are offered. Available in round and square body styles.

CI Series Intensifiers

products_smallicon_work_intensifier_hi copy.jpg

CI Series Compact Intensifiers are simple generic boosters that utilize a large pneumatic piston to intensify oil pressure with a smaller piston. The Product range includes 24 models. All are designed to be highly space efficient and low weight. The pressure chamber features two large full flow ports for easy filling and bleeding.

The pneumatic actuator is our standard low profile large Bore compact cylinder.

Features Include:

  • Rugged space efficient, low weight
  • Aluminum design
  • Long life/Low friction
  • Three mounting choices
  • Optional Magnetic piston (Option "ACI")


Twist Cylinder


Compact Pneumatic twist cylinders are linear motion compact cylinders with an internal cam that provides 90 deg swing motion.

Twist cylinders are ideal swing clamps for automated and semi automated assembly and work holding found in circuit board assemblies, medical devices, robotic cells, component assembly and other applications. Because of their compact size and versatile mounting, they also make unique conveyor stops, diverters and escapements.


Collet Closers


Collets are used worldwide in the metalworking industry for their high accuracy and high output gripping of tools and work pieces. Compact Automation Products has chosen 3 popular collet sizes: 1C, 3C and 5C to design our space efficient collet fixtures around.

Two designs are offered: SC series and PSC series, powered by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. The PSC305C is suitable for pressures higher than 750 psi. Output gripping forces range from several pounds through 4-1/2 tons. Compact collet closers are offered in space efficient, cost effective packages demanded by modern factory automation.

They are ideal stationary fixtures for metalworking, bench top assembly, and precision robotics and assembly machine applications. Other applications include crimping and forming.


NFPA Shot-Pin



Tie Rods

  • Stainless steel material prevents corrosion


  • High strength hard anodized aluminum
  • Superior wear resistance

Enersorb® Piston (Patented)

  • Innovative design integrates seal, wear band, magnet and bumpers into one component
  • High Energy Absorption
  • Bumpers reduce noise more than 50%

Piston Rod

  • High strength, precision chrome plated steel
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Stainless steel rod available

Rod Seal

  • Bubble tight carboxilated nitrile seal

Rod Wiper

  • Durable urethane prevents contamination from harsh environments

Head, Cap & Retainer

  • High strength anodized aluminum


  • Unique floating cushion seal
  • Needle adjustment changes amount of cushion
  • Seal design provides full flow out of cushion


  • Unique floating design
  • Machine grade bearing bronze material prevents rusting
  • Superior wear characteristics