1½˝ and 2˝ SizesSoft Seal Type

Vacuum to 250 PSI
(Subject to Pressure Limitations on Some Models)

Threaded Body Models in 1½˝ Size Only. Subplate Models Will Mount on Choice of Subplates with 1½˝ or 2˝ NPTF Connections

NOTE: High capacity 3˝ air valves are available with solenoid, pilot, manual, and button bleeder operators. Ask for data sheet.

The 1½˝ and 2˝ valves are identical in size and flow rating. The only difference is in connection size. Valves with pipe threads in the body as in the photos on the next page are supplied only in 1½˝ NPTF. They are listed in the second column of the model chart. Subplate type valves, as listed in the third column of the chart, can be mounted on a choice of subplates having 1½˝ or 2˝ NPTF threads.

For compressed air or inert gases at pressures from vacuum to 250 PSI, subject to limitations described on next page for certain models. These are spool-type 4-way valves which may also be used for 2-way, 3-way or 5-way service by plugging all unused ports. Full pressure may be applied to any port. O-ring seals between all ports give leak-tight operation. Flow capacity is equal to area of 1-3/8˝ diameter hole.

Solenoid, manual lever, and button bleeder models have AAA 3/8˝ piggy back valve to control shifting of the main spool. Air pressure for shifting is derived from the main inlet port, except when necessary to convert to external pilot operation. No piggy back operator is used on Models GR and GY. Their spools are shifted by pilot pressure from a remote location.

Valve body and end caps are aluminum alloy; spool is machined from aluminum bar stock and processed for a glass-hard surface finish. O-ring seals are buna-N rubber. Springs are not used in the main body; reference to springs in the model chart description refers to piggy back operator action.

Model Selection Chart for 1½˝ and 2˝ Valves

Find desired valve type in 1st column. Select appropriate model number in 2nd or 3rd column. Subplate valves (3rd column) have base O-ring seals furnished; subplate must be ordered separately.

Type Model No.
1½˝ NPTF
Model No.
Single Solenoid SO12 SO16P 2-position, spring returned
Single Solenoid SR12 SR16P 2-position, pilot pres. returned
Double Solenoid SS12 SS16P 2-position, no springs
Double Solenoid SY12 SY16P 3-pos., spring cent., closed center
Manual Lever HE12 HE16P 2-position, no spring, friction pos.
Manual Lever HO12 HO16P 2-position, spring returned
Manual Lever HY12 HY16P 3-pos., spring cent., closed center
Manual Lever HD12 HD16P 3-position, 3-detent, closed center
Button Bleeder D12 D16P 2-position, no springs
Remote Pilot GR12 GR16P Double pilot, 2-position, no springs
Remote pilot GY12* GY16P* 3-pos, pres. cent., closed center

*The remote valve (not furnished) for controlling Model GY must have a regenerative spool (both cylinder ports connected to pressure in center position).







SOLENOID VALVES. Pilot operated solenoid type. For pressure of 50 PSI minimum to 160 PSI maximum. For operation on line pressure above or below this range or on vacuum, valve must be converted to external pilot operation. See below. All standard voltages, both AC and DC can be furnished. All coils may be used for continuous duty. They have a power requirement of 11 watts. Inrush current is 0.36 amps, holding current is 0.23 amps at 120VAC, 60 Hz. Current at other voltages is in proportion. DC coils draw 9 watts at all voltages.

Converting to external pilot operation: Remove complete piggy back valve and install a 1/16˝ NPTF pipe plug in the main body. Valve should then be remounted in same position and a 50 to 160 PSI pressure source is connected to the pilot port on the main body (not on the piggy back operator). Pigtail leads on solenoids are standard; DIN connectors are also available.
Size: 13-1/2˝ ˣ 6-3/4˝ ˣ 9-1/2˝
Weight:    Single Solenoid, 27-3/4 lbs. Double Solenoid, 29-1/2 lbs.

Single Solenoid


Double Solenoid



MANUAL LEVER VALVES. Requires very little force on the lever of the 1/4˝ AAA control valve mounted piggy back on top of the main body. Pressure range 50 to 250 PSI on main ports. Will work at lower pressure or vacuum if converted to external pilot operation as described above for solenoid valves.
Size: 13-1/2˝ ˣ 6-3/4˝ ˣ 10-1/4˝ over handle
Weight: 27-1/4 lbs.

Manual Lever


BUTTON BLEEDER VALVE. Bleed buttons on the piggy back operator can be manually pressed to shift the main spool, or they can be removed and mounted on extensions to operate the valve from a remote point. Pressure range 50 to 250 PSI on main ports. Will work at lower pressures or vacuum if converted to external pilot operation as detailed above for solenoid valves.
Size: 13-1/2˝ ˣ 6-3/4˝ ˣ 7˝
Weight: 27 lbs.

Button Bleeder


REMOTELY PILOTED VALVES. No piggy back operator is used; main spool is shifted by 50 to 250 PSI pressure signals from a miniature control valve located remotely (not furnished). The remote valve can be solenoid, manual, cam, etc., but for operation of Model GY must have a "regenerative" spool, in which both cylinder ports are connected to pressure when spool is centered. Pressure range of main body and spool is vacuum to 250 PSI.
Size: 13-1/2˝ ˣ 6-3/4˝ ˣ 5-1/2˝
Weight: 27 lbs.

Remotely Piloted