Vacuum to 250 PSI
(Subject to Pressure Limitations on Certain Models)

Threaded Body or Subplate Mounted Models

For compressed air or inert gases at pressures from vacuum to 250 PSI, subject to limitations described on the next page for certain models. These are spool-type 4-way valves for operation of double acting cylinders and reversible air motors. The valve will stand full pressure on any port, so it may be used as a 5-way valve, or it may be used for 2-way or 3-way service by plugging unused ports. O-ring seals between all ports give leak-tight operation.

The 3/4˝ and 1˝ valves are assembled in a large body. They have identical size and flow, the only difference being in connection thread size. The 1/2˝ valves are assembled in a smaller body. Photos on the next page show 1/2˝ valves. Appearance of the larger valves is similar. Although pipe thread valves are shown in the model chart, all listed models are available from stock with port holes through the base for subplate mounting. To order subplate valves see instructions at head of chart.

Three-position models are normally assembled with closed center spools, but are also furnished with float center or regenerative type spools if specified on order. For more information on the entire line of standard AAA valves contact your local Womack sales office and ask for a AAA Products International catalog or visit the AAA Products International web site at

Valve bodies and end caps are cast aluminum alloy; spools are machined from aluminum bar stock and processed for a glass-hard surface finish. Springs are stainless or rust-proofed carbon steel. O-rings are buna-N rubber.

Model Selection Chart for 1/2˝, 3/4˝, and 1˝ Valves

Find desired valve type in 1st column. Select model number from 2nd, 3rd, or 4th column. All models can be furnished with port holes through the base for subplate mounting. To order subplate valves, select model number from chart, then add suffix "P".

Type Model
1/2˝ NPTF
3/4˝ NPTF
Sing. Sol. SO4
SO6OL - 120VAC
SO8 2-pos., spring returned
Sing. Sol. SO4 - 120VAC
Sing. Sol. SR4 SR6 SR8 2-pos., pilot returned
Double Sol. SS4 SS6 SS8 2-pos., no springs
Double Sol. SY4 SY6 SY8 3-pos., spr. cent., closed center
Man. Lever HE4 HE6 HE8 2-pos., friction positioned
Man. Lever HO4 HO6 HO8 2-pos., spring returned
Man. Lever HY4
HY6 HY8 3-pos., spr. cent., closed center
Man. Lever HD4
HD6 HD8 3-pos., 3-detent, closed center
Pilot Oper. RR4 RR6 RR8 2-pos., double pilot, no springs
Pilot Oper. RO4
RO6 RO8 2-pos., spring returned
Pilot Oper. RY4 RY6 RY8 3-pos., spr. cent., closed center
Button Bleed D4
D6 D8 2-pos., no springs
Cam CO4 CO6 CO8 2-pos., spring returned
Cam CR4 …… …… 2-pos., remote pilot returned
Foot Pedal FO4 …… …… 2-pos., spring returned
Foot Pedal FR4 …… …… 2-pos., remote pilot returned
Treadle TE4 …… …… 2-pos., friction positioned
Treadle TO4 …… …… 2-pos., spring returned
Treadle TY4 …… …… 3-pos., spr. cent., closed center
Treadle TD4 …… …… 3-pos., 3-detent, closed center



SOLENOID VALVES. Pilot-operated solenoid type. For pressure from 160 PSI to 50 PSI on spring models and down to 25 PSI on no spring models. If operated on pressure above or below this or on vacuum, valve must be converted to external pilot operation.

All standard voltages, both AC and DC can be furnished. All coils may be used for continuous duty. They have a power requirement of 11 watts. Inrush current is 0.36 amps. holding current is 0.23 amps at 120 VAC, 60 Hz. Current at other voltages is in proportion. DC coils draw 9 watts at all voltages.

Pigtail leads on solenoids are standard; DIN connectors are also available.

Converting to external pilot operation: On double solenoid valves this procedure must be followed for each solenoid: Remove 4 screws holding solenoid assembly to main body. Leave gasket as is, and rotate entire assembly 90° or 180° and remount. The source of external pilot pressure, 50 to 160 PSI, must be connected to the pilot port on each solenoid.

1/2˝ double solenoid valve 10-1/4˝ ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 2-3/4˝ high. Weight 4-3/4 lbs.

3/4˝ and 1˝ double solenoid valve 13˝ ˣ 4-3/8 ˣ 3-3/8˝ high. Weight 7-1/2 lbs







MANUAL LEVER. Vacuum to 250 PSI. Size: 1/2˝ valve 7-3/8˝ ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 7˝ high over handle. Weight 4-1/4 lbs. 3/4˝ & 1˝ valves 10-3/4˝ ˣ 4-3/8˝ ˣ 8-1/4˝ high over handle. Weight 7 lbs.




PILOT OPERATED. Vacuum to 250 PSI on main ports. Pilot pressure maximum 250 PSI to 50 PSI minimum on spring loaded models or 25 PSI on no-spring model. Size: 1/2˝ valve 5-3/8˝ ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 2-3/4˝ high. Weight 3-1/2 lbs. 3/4˝ and 1˝ valves 8-1/8˝ ˣ 4-3/8˝ ˣ 3-5/16˝ high. Wt. 6-1/4 lbs.




BUTTON BLEEDER. Limited to compressed air of 25 to 250 PSI. Not suitable for liquids or vacuum. Two bleed buttons furnished in end caps. Size: 1/2˝ valve 7 ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 2-3/4˝ high. Weight 3-3/4 lbs. Size of 3/4˝ and 1˝ valves 10-1/4˝ ˣ 4-3/8˝ ˣ 3-5/16˝ high. Weight 6-1/2 lbs.




CAM ACTUATED. Vacuum to 250 PSI. Requires 30 lbs and a 9/16˝ travel to fully shift the spool. Over-travel of 1/32˝ provided. Roller can be positioned at right angles by rotating end cap on valve. Size: 7-1/2˝ ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 2-3/4˝ high. Weight 3-3/4 lbs.




FOOT PEDAL. For toe actuation. Vacuum to 250 PSI. Furnished in 1/2˝ size only. Size: 9-1/2˝ ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 3˝ high over pedal. Weight 4-3/4 lbs.





FOOT TREADLE. Toe and heel actuation. Vacuum to 250 PSI. Furnished in 1/2˝ size only. Size: 10˝ ˣ 3-1/2˝ ˣ 5˝ high over treadle. Weight 5-1/4 lbs.