1/4˝ Size 4-WaySoft Seal Type


Vacuum to 250 PSI
(Subject to Pressure Limitations on Certain Models)


AAA Products International NAMUR mount valve is a semi-subplate mounting style that allows rapid valve replacement with reduced plumbing assembly.

Standard models are assembled for "internal pilot operation". They will operate reliably on line pressures from 150 PSI down to 25 PSI for no spring models NSS and NSR and down to 50 PSI on spring return and spring centered models NSO and NSY. External pilot operation (option "Z") must be used in vacuum, low pressure (below minimum PSI), high pressure (above 150 PSI and less than 250 PSI), or 5-way service applications.

The Cv value for the valve is 1.5. The air will flow out the bottom port on the right when the right solenoid is energized (looking at the 3-hole side). To order the valve with external pilot add suffix "Z" following the regular model code. Example NSO2Z.

The valve comes standard with a non-locking manual override on the side of the solenoid structure. Solenoid structures with locking overrides are available. A valve may be converted to operate using only 3 ports. To convert, remove the 5/16˝-32 plug on side of body and install same plug into threaded bottom port.

The table below shows information on the most popular coils available. For other voltages contact your local Womack sales office or visit the AAA Products International web site at

Coil Voltage and Frequency Inrush Current Holding Current Power
12 volts DC 0.22 amps 0.22 amps 2.7 Watts
24 volts DC 0.11 amps 0.11 amps 2.7 Watts
120 volts, 60 Hz 0.05 amps 0.03 amps 3.7 VA
240 volts, 60 Hz 0.03 amps 0.02 amps 3.7 VA


Model Selection - NAMUR Solenoid Valve

Type Model Number Description
Single Solenoid NSO2 2-position, spring returned
Single Solenoid NSR2 2-position, pilot returned
Double Solenoid NSS2 2-position, no springs
Double Solenoid NSY2 3-position, spring. center, closed center

The coils are a "DIN" style with 11mm connector pin pattern. "DIN" caps are ordered as a separate line item. When ordering LED style "DIN" caps, specify voltage. Two caps required for double solenoid valves.

Optional "DIN" Caps (11mm style):

Coil Number Description
DCC 1/2˝ Conduit style, non-indicator lamp cap
DCCL* 1/2˝ Conduit style, LED indicator lamp cap
DCG Cord grip style, non-indicator lamp cap
DCGL* Cord grip style, LED indicator lamp cap
DC3M 3 Meters of cord pre-wired to cap, non-indicator lamp cap
DC3ML* 3 Meters of cord pre-wired to cap, LED indicator lamp cap

*Specify Voltage