1/4˝ and 3/8˝ NPTF SizesAIR OR GAS TO 250 PSI

Constructed of Type 316 stainless steel including the nameplate and screws (excluding knob). Soft seal construction with Viton® O-ring seals in body not on spool. Can be used on compressed air or any gas compatible with 316 stainless steel and Viton® seals. Four-way action; can be used for 2-way or 3-way service with full pressure on inlet and cylinder ports; limited pressure on exhaust ports (consult factory). Dryseal pipe ports, 1/4˝ or 3/8˝ NPTF.


Palm Button Operated

Valve is shifted with a push-pull motion on the knob attached to the spool. Requires about 5 lbs shifting force on Model KE and 12 lbs on Model KO, with 17/32˝ spool travel. Can be panel mounted with valve body behind the panel.


Pilot Pressure Operated

Spool is shifted by application of air or gas pilot pressure obtained through auxiliary 3-way control valves.

Pilot ports are 1/8˝ NPTF (dryseal) on end cap(s). Maximum pilot pressure 250 PSI, minimum 20 PSI on Model RR and 50 PSI on Model RO.

1/4˝ NPTF 3/8˝ NPTF Description
KE2SS KE3SS Palm button actuated. Two position, no springs. Spool stays in shifted position when released.
KO2SS KO3SS Palm button actuated. Two position, spring return. Spool returns when knob is released.
RR2SS RR3SS Pilot pressure operated. Double pilot, no springs. Spool stays in shifted position.
RO2SS RO3SS Pilot operated. Single pilot, spring return. Spool returns to original position when pilot pressure is vented.