3000 PSI Hydraulic • 250 PSI Air

Lexair_Model_B1A Lexair_Model_B2A
Single Solenoid Double Solenoid


These Lexair valves are direct acting, with the solenoid coupled directly to the spool. Faster response than pilot-operated solenoid valves. Care must be used not to energize both solenoids of a double solenoid valve at the same time because of the danger of coil burn-out.

Brass bodies, stainless steel spools. No packings are used between ports, only at each end of spool. Spools are selectively fit into bodies with a close tolerance to minimize spool leakage and are not interchangeable from body to body.

Solenoids are available in several common voltages as shown in the ordering chart. They are fit with moisture-tight covers and have 1/2˝ standard conduit connections. Connections to both solenoid coils of the double solenoid valves are made through only one conduit connection in the base of the valve.

These valves have basic 4-way action for directional control of cylinders and fluid motors. Can be used in 2-way or 3-way service, contact your local Womack sales office for additional information. Available sizes are shown in the ordering information.

Air Valves. Rated 0 to 250 PSI or for light vacuum. Dual exhaust ports can be used with adjustable needle valve flow controls. Ports may be plugged for 2-way or 3-way service. Flow is up to 1.13 Cv.

Hydraulic Valves. Rated 0 to 3000 PSI. For hydraulic oil or liquids compatible with brass and buna-N seals. Single tank port. Back pressure on tank port should not exceed 250 PSI. Spools are available for 2-way and 3-way operation. Do not plug tank port to make a 2-way or 3-way valve. Flow is up at 16 GPM.

Model Description
B1A Single solenoid, spring return
B2A Double solenoid, no spring, 2-position
B2A-3S Double solenoid, spring centered, 3-position