1/4˝ to 1/2˝Vacuum to 175 PSI Air or Gas That Can be Vented to Atmosphere

AAA_Sleeve Valve

Has a sliding sleeve with a very short travel, and can be shifted by fingertip operation. It can be installed in an air line and used for example, to shut off the air while refilling the lubricator. Valve will handle full flow with very little pressure loss. Machined from brass bar stock. O-ring seals give leak-tight shut-off.

When used as an air line shut-off, trapped system air pressure is vented to atmosphere when sleeve is closed. When used as a vacuum shut-off, connect vacuum pump to male end.

SV-2: 1/4˝ NPT
SV-3: 3/8˝ NPT
SV-4: 1/2˝ NPT