HDMs are the ideal solution for those requiring the unbeatable performance, flexibility and modularity of Multimach valves combined with sturdy mechanics and a high degree of protection against external agents. Each valve is enclosed in a reinforced technopolymer protective shell that acts as a shock-absorber and prevents the infiltration of dirt. The class of protection is IP65. The smooth, rounded design makes HDMs ideal for applications requiring frequent washing without the deposit of residues. All the pneumatic connections are on one side, with built-in push-in fittings. The user interface is on another side so that the fitter and the service engineer have everything at hand.

Flexibility is total: there are 1-16 valves, input and output terminals for pipes of different sizes and intermediate modules for separate inputs and outputs. One very important new feature is that valves of different capacities can be mounted as required. Three different valve sizes can be combined at will. This means a valve can be replaced at any time by another one offering a different performance. It only takes a few seconds to replace or add a valve. Todothis, merelyloosenthetwogrubscrewsfixingthevalvetotheadjacent ones. Since the electrical signal is relayed from one valve to the next by means of gold-plated contacts connected to an electronic board, the electrical connections are entirely automatic.

The ratio of the HDM’s flow rate to its dimensions is unrivalled – miniaturisation and efficiency have reached a peak.