TC0815 Traditional The Series TC08 and TC15 valve families of solenoid operated, directional control valves provide a highly reliable, high-flow, cost effective solution to a wide variety of applications. Use of polymer technology results in a light-weight, compact design for use in tight spaces. The easy-to-assemble manifold system has a reduced height because it does not require subbases, and quick valve changes make it maintenance friendly. Both families feature in-line and manifoldable valves, offered with inch and metric porting options to widen customer choice.

Series TC08 and TC15 advantages:

  • Light-weight, polymer valve body
  • In-line or manifoldable valves
  • Economically priced
  • NPT and ISO G (BSPP) porting
    • TC08 1/8”NPT or G1/8 (up to Cv 0.8
    • TC15 1/4”NPT or G1/4 (up to Cv 1.5)
  • Valve manifold features:
    • Minimum of 2 to a maximum of 12 valves
    • Easy exchange of valves without disassembling manifold
    • Pressure zones via additional supply plate option
    • DIN rail mount or surface Mount
    • Internal/external pilot versions via separate end plates – no need for separate valve types
    • Manifold porting supply from left or right
    • No subbases needed – simple tie rod design
    • On-line configurator for designing custom factory assembled manifolds – get an assembly part number and CAD drawing on demand

Valve models available:

  • 5/2 single solenoid, air spring return
  • 5/2 single solenoid, metal spring return
  • 5/2 double solenoid
  • 5/3 double solenoid, closed center
  • 5/3 double solenoid, open center
  • 5/3 double solenoid, pressurized center

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