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Quick Ship Series AP Directional Control Valves

Mechanically actuated valves in poppet design with NPT or ISO G metric ports. An aluminum body makes it a rugged valve with compact dimensions. The plunger and push button versions have mounting holes in the body to simplify installation. The pedal operated version has mounting holes on each side of the body.

Product features:

  • Designed for non-lubricated service
  • Compact design
  • Poppet valve works well in normal and harsh environments
  • Ports of 1/8"NPT on the panel mount, with Black Pushbutton or Grey Rotary Switch operators
  • G1/8 ports on plunger and pushbutton versions
  • Pedal operated version features 1/4"NPT ports


Series AP Directional Control Valves

Part Number Description Max.Order Qty. Shipment (Days)
R450055453  Series AP 1/8"NPT 3/2 Normally Closed Panel Mount Valve  1
R412012735  Series AP/ST Panel Mount Black Pushbutton Operator 
R412012745  Series AP/ST Panel Mount Grey Rotary Switch Operator 
0820402101  Series AP G1/8 3/2 Normally Closed Valve with Plunger  1
0820404023  Series AP G1/8 2/2 Normally Closed Valve with Plunger 

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