Air Gauge

Air Gauges

Variety of pipe or panel mounted air pressure gauges.
Pipe mounted, white dial, black steel case 1 1/2" and 2"
Flush panel mounted, 2 1/2" black brass and black steel cases.

Shock _Absorber

Shock Absorbers - Industrial

Hydraulic shock absorbers features stainless steel piston rod on sizes M8 to M20, and chrome plated steel on sizes M27 to M64. Sizes M8 to M20 are self compensating. Sizes M27 to M64 are adjustable with respect to mass and speed.

Sizes (tube thread):

  • M8, M10, M12, M14, M20, M27, M42 and M64.
  • Strokes from 0.005m to .15m
  • Maximum Energy Absorption: .45 to 4000 Nm
Timing _Volume

Timing Volumes

Anodized aluminum, bore sizes 1 1/2" thru 6" with a 200 psi maximum pressure.
AVENTICS offers a wide range of timing volumes for a variety of pneumatic system uses. These volumes are rated at 200 psi max. working pressure with a 5 to 1 safety factor and are suitable for marine applications. They are constructed of light weight corrosion resistant anodized aluminum ends and tubing. Two ports and threaded mounting holes are provided. Use approximately 2/3 of volume for oil reservoirs to allow for interface.

  • Anodized aluminum, bore sizes 1 1/2" thru 6"
  • 200 psi maximum pressure