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Flairline Fluid/Air Products is an established, innovative company providing a wide array of pneumatic and low-pressure hydraulic actuators for all industries. The company strives to be a customer source for the latest technology, expert advice for applications and quality products. Flairline is a respected industry leader for standard and custom products that provide cost effective solutions for our customer's machine building demands.

Flairline offers a complete range of high quality, round body pneumatic cylinders from ½" through 4" bore, low friction standard, non-rotating torque products, stainless steel cylinders, rod lock cylinders, pneumatic slides, and NFPA standard interchangeable product lines. Flairline also features a durable line of NFPA standard tie rod pneumatic cylinders in 1-1/2" through 10" bores with every option for your application. Flairline also offers a multi-optioned, industry standard line of flow control and check valves, panel mounted, and swivel mounted valves. Our in-house application-engineering group has the expertise to design custom application cylinders so customers have a one-stop source for their needs.

Flairline is located in a modern facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan and distributes products throughout the world.


  • Round Body Cylinders
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • Small Bore Round Body Cylinders
  • NFPA Interchangeable Tie Rod Cylinders
  • Powered Slides
  • Flow Controls and Check Valves
  • Rod Lock
  • Torque Reaction Air Balancer (TRAC)
  • Boretti Silencers
  • Volume Chambers and Air/Oil Tanks

Available in: Alabama and Texas

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