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The Geartek name has become synonymous with quality, delivery, and service. Geartek pumps and motors are designed and manufactured to combine the reliability and economical features of external gear design with modern engineering and materials to produce true pressure ratings up to 4,000 psi.

Geartek has positioned itself as a major supplier to OEM's of off-highway construction, mining, industrial, oil field, forestry and marine gear pumps and motors. Still, Geartek is not too big to supply manufacturers requiring custom built, small run or out of production pumps and motors. Specialty items, such as internal control valving in the units are commonly available.

Geartek incorporates the basic design philosophy - "DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME". Many options with other brand pumps are standard with Geartek. Such items are double fluoroelastomer shaft seals with indicator hole, PTFE coated pressure compensated thrust plates, combination 2 & 4 bolt SAE mounting flanges, field changeable rotation without extra parts and wide selection of shaft and porting options. Singles, multi-section, and piggybacks are all standard configurations with Geartek.


  • Hydraulic Gear Pumps
  • Hydraulic Gear Motors

Available in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, N.W. Florida, S. Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, W. Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, W. North Dakota, Oklahoma, W. South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming

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