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Since 1973, Global Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of quality industrial vibrators and Air Blasters. These flow aid devices are used throughout industry to restore and maintain the flow of bulk solids in bins, hoppers, silos, bunkers, railcars, conveyors, screens, feeders, foundry match plates, batch plants, cement kiln pre-heaters, self-unloader ships, and other material handling applications. They are also used for concrete consolidation and finishing. Industries worldwide rely upon Global bulk flow solutions to increase production, eliminate waste, and minimize employee risks.

Global has been very active, developing new technologically advanced and more efficient products. We introduced our line of Yellow Jacket® piston vibrators, which are lighter, more powerful, and more efficient than the heavy, cast footplate styles. Our Silver Sonic Turbine® vibrators set a new standard for efficiency for rotary pneumatic vibrators. Their advanced patented turbine design makes it possible to run these vibrators on as little as 1 cfm at 5 psi. Most recently, Global has made another breakthrough with its new, patented G400 direct blast Air Blasters for cement kiln pre-heaters, steel mills, and other extreme heat applications. They produce up to 50% more force than the leading competition's comparable model and have superior valve seals that prevent air loss between blasts. It is the only Air Blaster on the market that has instant valve closure without the use of a spring (springs are a major weakness because they frequently break).

In our efforts to provide a broader range of quality flow aids, we now offer product lines manufactured by two other highly respected, international companies. In late 2001, we became a distributor for Findeva AG. Findeva offers a broad line of Swiss engineered pneumatic rotary and linear vibration products. These precision flow aids include lubrication free piston vibrators and oscillators and stainless steel turbine vibrators, which are extremely useful in food processing and pharmaceutical production.

We are proud to announce the expansion of our concrete consolidation and finishing product lines by offering the ViberMite® line of quality electric and pneumatic internal concrete vibrators and the Turboviber® line of external concrete vibrators. This was made possible by Global's recent acquisition of the Viber-Kelley Company. Founded in 1931, VIBER® played a major role in the development of internal vibrators for concrete consolidation and has always maintained a reputation for quality products.


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