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High Country Tek, Inc. (HCT) is North America's foremost independent designer and producer of encapsulated, modular, highly ruggedized digital and analog electronic controller products for the global fluid power and motion control industry.

While typically used in mobile, industrial and marine applications, electrical integrity and complete environmental security means HCT's products are also applied very successfully in several other established, new and emerging market segments. Including hydraulic generator and fan system controls where significant fuel, emission and operational savings can be realized by using the company's controllers to fully optimize the applications operation. Market neutrality and flexible configuration allows easy integration with all major Electro-Hydraulic OEM products for reliable, easy, simple and accurate control of individual valves and pumps, or seamless management of systems and sub-systems.


  • Controllers
  • System Accessories

 Available in: AR, AZ, LA, NV, OK, NM, TX and UT

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