AutoFilt RF3
Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Water Filter

HYDAC back-flush filters are designed for continuous and maintenance free filtration in all sectors of industry for water filtration.

  • Fully-Automatic Operation
  • Maximum Utilization of Filter Surface
  • Continuous Filtration Even During Back-Flushing
  • Conical Filter Elements for Optimum Filtration
  • Pulse-Aided Back-Flushing Cleaning
  • Individually Adjustable Control Parameters
  • Flow- Optimized Filter
  • Static Sealing Between Contaminated and Clean Sides
  • Variable Housing Isometry
  • Ready-To-Operate Unit
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ANSI Flanges


Power Stations
Treatment of industrial water for cooling generators and filtration of sealing water to increase the service life of the turbine shaft sliding-ring seals in hydroelectric power stations.
Steel Industry
Protection of nozzles and pumps during high-pressure descaling, water treatment for blast furnaces and rolling mills.
Chemical Industry
Improving product quality by filtering process media.
District Heat Supply
Protecting heat exchangers from clogging and wear.
Sewage Treatment Plants
During production of industrial water, filtration of a take-off of the clear run can be used to save valuable drinking or well water.
Environmental Technology
Back-flushing filters are used as pre-filters before waste-water treatment plants (UV treatment, reverse osmosis, membrane filtration...)
By filtering underground, spray water of an even quality is assured. This results in more reliable operation of pumps and disc-cutting machines
Paper Industry
The protection of spray nozzles for the screens of paper making machines. This results in fewer failures caused by clogging and wear.

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