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Our Solutions Make a Difference
Our hydraulic cylinders and wind power components ensure the optimum performance of your product or equipment. Hydratech Industries specializes in designing and manufacturing hydraulics and cooling solutions for the wind turbine industry, and hydraulic cylinders for offshore, marine and industrial applications.  Whether your equipment is a wind turbine, an offshore crane or a custom press, you will benefit from our 35 years experience supplying standard and custom solutions.

Engineering Solutions You Can Trust
Work with a premier engineering team. Our products are designed with the highest quality engineering, ensuring successful solutions to the wind turbine industry, the offshore and marine industries, and for many industrial applications. As a customer, you know you can rely on our products because we never compromise on quality. Our extensive experience goes into the design and manufacture of each of our products, which include:

  • Pitch, cooling, braking and lubrication systems for wind turbines
  • Hydraulic cylinders for offshore, marine and industrial applications

Our Customers Mean the World to Us
We want to be close to you! Therefore, we are located different places worldwide and we continue to expand. Our headquarters are in Denmark and we currently have additional production facilities in China, India, and in the US. 

Our USA location is in Robertsdale, AL, on the Gulf Coast, convenient to many of our customers.  In our Alabama location, our 70 employees design, manufacture and repair hydraulic cylinders.  We also assemble wind turbine components.  We recently completed an expansion in this location which includes a clean room for hydraulic cylinder assembly.


  • Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Available in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, N.W. Florida, S. Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, W. Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, W. North Dakota, Oklahoma, W. South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming

Hydratech Industries Products

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