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IC-Fluid Power, International Hydraulic Components Group, is a global hydraulic sourcing company with the mission of providing our customers easy access to high-quality and many times unique, German and European-sourced hydraulic components.


We are the connection point for sales, marketing, service and assembly in North America. Our core supply partners are a diverse collection of German and European hydraulic manufacturers. Many of our suppliers are small, family-run businesses that are the best at what they do. IC-Fluid Power, in partnership with them, offers flexibility, service, lead time and quality that provide a superior alternative to the “big box” suppliers.


Our resources are not limited to Europe. Through our partnerships and long-standing relationships with global suppliers, we provide our customers the ability to source cost-effective, high quality, off-the-shelf and custom hydraulic components from around the globe without investing significant time and resources developing an internal sourcing team, learning languages and cultures and establishing the direct relationships necessary to be successful.

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