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KabelSchlepp supplies steel, high-grade stainless steel and solid plastic cable carriers and plastic cable carriers with aluminium supports (hybrid cable carriers), in standard sizes or tailor-made to customer requirements in millimeter-precision units.

Our product range covers all sizes, from small units of only a few millimetres in size for use in, e.g., inkjet printers, up to giant chains weighing several tonnes used on oil rigs.

With properties such as stability and robustness suited to all applications, with fixed or variable chain widths, for long unsupported travels and 3D applications. Particularly quiet and lightweight, in closed design or easy to open. Or for challenging conditions, for example heat-resistant or suitable for clean room environments.

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP electrical cables have been specially developed, optimized and tested for use in cable carrier systems. Even in the toughest application conditions, they deliver reliability that matters - at reasonable prices.


  • Cable and Hose Carriers
  • Fully Harnessed Cable Carrier Systems
  • Continuous Bending Hi-Flex Cables
  • Chip Protection

Available in: Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah

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