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Looking for the broadest line of transformers and power supplies in the industry? Although we offer local inventories of standard catalog items, over 75% of our annual sales involve custom designs for specific OEM customers!

As the industry-leader for more than 40 years - and the only major electrical manufacturer to focus exclusively on transformers and power supplies, Micron is the supplier of choice for leading OEM manufacturers around the world.

Micron developed the industry's first epoxy encapsulated machine tool transformer, receiving a patent for the ImperviTRAN control transformer. Although other transformer manufacturers have since copied its encapsulated design, Micron's ImperviTRAN remains the industry leader.

Micron's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility assures unparalleled quality while also providing the short-run flexibility to meet your most demanding custom transformer specifications.

And our 20-year transformer and 5-year power supply warrantees - far and away the best in the industry - means when you buy products from Micron, you know you've bought the best.


  • Control Transformers

Available in: Alabama, N.W. Florida, and Mississippi

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