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Milwaukee Cylinder, a leader and innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field since 1956, is now ISO 9001:2008. Our broad product line offers a solution for virtually every possible cylinder application. We offer our customers years of experience in the design and manufacture of fluid power products with special operating and design requirements. By working directly with our customers, Milwaukee Cylinder has developed a world-wide reputation for engineering expertise in the manufacture of specialty cylinders. Over the last 50 years, Milwaukee Cylinder has become known as the company where specials are our standard.

At Milwaukee Cylinder, we operate with a spirit of innovation and creativity, dedicated to meeting the needs and challenges of todays most demanding applications. We take pride in being a producer of High Quality Performance-Tested hydraulic and pneumatic products. Products that have been proven and tested by the worlds leading manufacturers in the harshest environments.

With our on-going commitment to research and development as well as our worldwide sales and distribution network we will continue to meet and exceed demanding customer requirements and provide world-class customer service.

From initial design to after-sale support, we maintain the same high level of quality that our customers have come to recognize from Milwaukee Cylinder.


  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Position Sensing and Motion Control
  • Proximity Switches

Available in: Alabama, N.W. Florida and Mississippi

Milwaukee Cylinder Products

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