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Pneucon was co-founded in 1967 by Edward L. Holbrook, P.E. and Elton B Fox. Ed Holbrook is often touted as the "Father of Pneumatic Logic". Long time employee and Vice President Brian Miner purchased the company in late 2007. PneuAir Solutions, Inc. was created to house the Pneucon division. Miner has been managing  the Pneucon division for over 25 years spending most of the 80s and 90s designing and installing pneumatic control systems all over the world. Today under his tutelage, Pneucon is undergoing many exciting changes including new catalogs, website with online shopping, literature, brochures, and new product molds.

The patented Pneucon "Tadpole" seal and modular valve with its thousands of permeations, along with its ancillary products, are used world-wide for automating many diverse industrial applications.


  • Airboard Logic Manifolds
  • Air to Electric Switches
  • Non-Electric Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Orifice/Restrictors
  • Pneumatic Sensors
  • Pneumatic Timers
  • Tubing
  • Valves

Available in: Montana

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