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Superior quality
At Sheffer, we want to ensure that you fully understand what the Sheffer advantage is, and more importantly, what it means for you. Since 1952, we've been making cylinders and only cylinders - our ongoing innovations, longstanding experience in the field and constant eye on excellence ensure that you always get the very best cylinder the industry has to offer.

We put you - the end-user - first, fully understanding the critical role our cylinders play in the success of your daily operations. So you can count on our complete line of custom cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and electronic positioning cylinders to perform exactly as you expect them to - and oftentimes better, in terms of reliability, quality, durability and overall superior performance.

Lasting performance
The key to the Sheffer advantage is the cylinder itself. We believe that product performance is the best measure of just how good a cylinder is - our hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are proven to decrease downtime, minimize waste and maximize profits better than any cylinder on the market today.

  • Longer lifetime of service
  • Minimal downtime
  • Lower operating costs
  • Industry's longest warranty
  • Fast and easy installation with the most options
  • Simple, affordable repairs (no special tools required)


  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Electronic Positioning Cylinders
  • Custom Cylinders

Available in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, N.W. Florida, S. Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, W. Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, W. North Dakota, Oklahoma, W. South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming

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